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Cocktail, Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash
Brussels, Photo by ssalae

Electric Offense #11 - Rafael Natal, Lapin

29 mars 2019


Café Central 14, Rue Borgval - 1000 Bruxelles


ELECTRIC OFFENSE is back again for some smooth beats and electric vibes in the city of Brussels!

Taking place in the heart of Brussels, this edition is hosted by the mythical CAFE CENTRAL, located in the Halles Saint-Géry neighborhood.

Prepare to be shocked by some sharp sinusoids!

------ TIME TABLE -------

22.00 - Kiwiiba (DJ Set) -
23.30 - Lapin (DJ Set) -
01.00 - Rafael Natal (DJ Set) -
02.30 - Mudd Corp (LIVE Set) -

Entrance: free
Doors: 22h

------------ LIST OF OFFENDERS -------------

Rafael Natal - Minimal Techno
Rafael Natal mixes in the trendy Bars of the capital, he also had the opportunity to perform on Berlin scenes, in Montreal or Gallipoli...
Co-organizer of Techno Minimal evenings in atypical places in Brussels, he has worked in collaboration with other DJs and labels such as Blackwallrecord (BlackSide) and Octenbulle (Canada). He signed his first EP on the Arpkord records label in September 2018, the next one will be released in April 2019.

►Lapin - Bass House
Lapin is an eclectic and experienced DJ from Brussels. His musical universe covers large range of electronic music and he can bring people in the crowd together on a journey. His sets are made with passion and severe hand craft. Don’t miss him at Café Central.

►Kiwiiba - Melodic House
Kiwiiba is a DJ from Brussels and organises open-air electronic music events through the capital on the rare scattered sunny days of Belgium. His tunes and musical cultures are collected since many years and he’s always delighted to share good music among the masses.

Mudd Corp - Live Modular Tech
Mudd Corp is a young producer from Brussels. Since his childhood he is fascinated by synthesizers and electronic music, he has been invited by various Belgian stages with numerous devices, always determined to perform live. Today, Mudd designed his own modular system to give birth, on-the-go, to any of his musical desires.