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Cocktail, Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash
Brussels, Photo by ssalae

Dark Techno night with DJs Sarah Strandberg (US) & RAUM

14 février 2019


Café Central 14, Rue Borgval - 1000 Bruxelles



SARAH STRANDBERG (DJ set) is a Berlin based Techno DJ and producer from Los Angeles. She plays internationally in Mexico, Germany and other U.S. cities.Her specialty is Hard Techno on the Darker side, but still with an energetic vibe and kick that works great for the dance floor.
Her influences include; Dax J, Perc, I Hate Models, SNTS, Marika Rossa, Paula Temple, Rebekah, DJ OGI and Atze Ton.
You can find her latest Track releases on: Technodrome, Physical Techno Recordings and MiniTek and upcoming releases on De-Konstrukt.

Some of the talented artists she has shared the stage with include: Rebekah, UVB, Developer, Delta 9, Hyperactive, Jeff Derringer, Ken Ishii, Deepbass, Fabrizio Lapiana, Jamie Anderson, Umek, Jay Lumen, Drumcell, Luis Flores, Christian Gerlach, Mark EG, Yan Cook and more, DJ OGI, Cari Lekebuche, and Perc.

RAUM (DJ set) is at the crossroads between industrial music and underground techno. His DJ sets and live performances are always intense, transforming dancefloors into cathartic rituals. He plays in worldwide acclaimed duo Orphan Swords with P.Maze.

While recent dj sets and live performances in Switzerland, Spain, France and Belgium have started granting him a solid reputation, his first LP "Wreck The Bloodline" was released in late 2018 on Glasgow-based label Clan Destine Records. Lately, XLR8R has featured his meditative techno track “OMELAS” as an exclusive download.

"Rippling Industrial"

"Massive in all regards"
Inverted Audio

"Psyched out"

“An Industrial tour de force”
The Brvtalist