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Wreck and Reference / All Caps

29 août 2019


Café Central 14, Rue Borgval - 1000 Bruxelles

Weyrd Son Records presents:
Wreck and Reference (US) / ALL CAPS (Be)
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Wreck and Reference:
Absolute Still Life is the fourth full-length album by the experimental duo Wreck and Reference. The album marks a radical departure from the band’s heavy and noise rock origins and finds them driving toward a more electronic and abstract dimension.
Like past albums, warped synthesizers and pillaged samples build up the harmonic elements of the songs, but the absence of acoustic drums gives Absolute Still Life a colder, more alien aesthetic. With fewer screams and stranger textures than before, Wreck and Reference find themselves alone again in uncharted and uncategorizable territory.

Absolute Still Life’s cover depicts a sickly still life in which edible and inedible elements mix in an unnatural and unappetizing collage of bright colors. The title reflects the absurdist version of reality that we find ourselves in and unable to escape.

To date, Wreck and Reference have released four EPs and three full-length albums. Their first work, an EP titled Black Cassette, showcased distorted fragments and synthesizers in angular, heavy songs, with themes of determinism and Cormac McCarthy-esque isolation. Their debut full-length Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ (2012) and their sophomore release Want (2014), described by
Pitchfork as having “radical vision” and “boundless experimentation,” represented dramatic expansions of their sonic palette. In 2016, Wreck and Reference released their third
LP, Indifferent Rivers Romance End, perfecting their song craft and pushing their noisy, sample-based instrumentation to its limits.

Despite once being a solitary project, Wreck and Reference have done several collaborations with other experimental artists including Ricky Eat Acid on See You Soon (2016) and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, performing during his installation at the Tate Modern museum in London and producing a techno track for his Heute Will Ich Frei Sein EP (2018). Recently, Wreck and Referencehave contributed a track to the How To Dress Well remix album ONE TRAIN HIDES ANOTHER (2019).

All Caps
A bass drunk with effects, a drum kit (or rather what’s left of it), a small keyboard reminiscent of an 8-bit synthesiser and a few wacky samples, that’s what these two overexcited guys have in store for you. Initially, hip-hop is what they had in mind. Driving around town in modified SUVs and guest-starring rappers from Charleroi, Pensylvania is what they aspired to do. But one is a fan of smoothies whilst the other spends his days playing BroForce on the Playstation 4, the chemistry just wasn’t right for gangster hip-hop. So, naturally, weird geeky noise-rock is what these sweaty two lads started to spontaneously play. It was natural, it was always meant to be.
Today, Pietou and Roxie are getting their propeller beanies ready to play their first gigs. They’ll be proudly introducing their first 6 title EP, All’s Well That Ends Well, which can be described as urgent, childish and doomesque at the same time. Good luck guys!
All Well’s That Ends Well - debut EP
Coming out beginning of 2019 with Black Basset Records