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5 décembre 2019


Café Central 14, Rue Borgval - 1000 Bruxelles

NO MORE live + afterparty - Café Central - Brussels [free]

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NO MORE (de - ndw/no wave)

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✧ Hatecraft (addams family)
✧ X-Pulsiv (fantastique.nights)

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✧ Café Central - Borgval 14 - 1000 Brussels

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No More was founded by Andy A. Schwarz (vocals, guitar, bass), Tina Sanudakura (synthesizers), Christian Darc (drums, vocals) and Thomas Welz (bass, vocals) in Kiel, a seaside town in the northern part of Germany. The 7" EP "Too Late" was the first release in 1980 and was recorded in a small laundry-room with a 4-track TEAC (the EP was reviewed in the German SOUNDS-magazine as "strangely, archaic music, brute sound that seems to be recorded with a purposely damaged 4-track"). After the departure of Thomas Welz at the end of 1980, No More worked as a trio until the end of 1983.

The song "Suicide Commando" (released in 1981 and not to be confused with the Belgian band Suicide Commando, who named themselves after that song) is the band's biggest success. The New Musical Express described "Suicide Commando" as "suitable German electro fashion" but the song spread in the following years internationally regardless of genre and scene. In the 1990s the song entered the Techno- and Electroscene, when it was remixed by DJ Hell and Echopark (Moguai & Torsten Stenzel).

In 1982 No More released the mini-LP "A Rose Is A Rose" this time reviewed by the NME as "made by a trio of young Germans who appear to have fallen out of Lou Reed´s 'Berlin' album". After the release of "A Rose Is A Rose" No More decided to change direction. The new style was a mixture of darkwave and oriental elements.

In 1984 Thorsten Hartung (bass) joined the band. In the slipstream of the "Suicide Commando" success No More started to tour Germany and the Netherlands but soon refuse to play the song. No More decided to go separate ways at the end of 1986, shortly after finishing their album "Hysteria". Tina Sanudakura und Andy A. Schwarz form the band Nijinsky Style.

In 2006 No More (condensed in the duo Tina Sanudakura and Andy A. Schwarz) release a new album called "Remake/Remodel". At the end of 2008 they start touring again and in January 2010 the single "Sunday Mitternacht / A Rose Is A Rose" is released. The album "Midnight People & Lo-Life Stars" was released in March 2010, followed by the 2012 album "Sisyphus".

In 2015 the band turned to a more Pop orientated sound with the release of the single "Stardust Youth" and the album "Silence & Revolt".




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