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28 juin 2017 > 17 septembre 2017

Tue > Sun 12:00 - 20:00 (Thu until 22:00) (Depending on the weather) / Opening hours 'pool': Tue > Sun: 14:00 – 20:00


BOZAR Rue Ravensteinstraat 23 - 1000 Région de Bruxelles-Capitale


The walls of the Centre for Fine Arts can’t keep the beats inside any longer! Throughout the summer there will be a pop-up summer bar with a swimming pool and a non-stop hip-hop flow of activities in Place Baron Horta, right next to BOZAR.

Skateboarders teach you their skills on the ramp, graffiti artists create art before your very eyes, and in the selection of films from the Film festival System D you get to see what the young people of Brussels really think of their city.

☼ Opening hours 'BOZAR Open Air':
Tue > Sun 12:00 - 20:00 (Thu until 22:00)
(Depending on the weather)

☼ Opening hours 'pool':
Tue > Sun: 14:00 – 20:00
(Depending on the weather)

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In contrast to the majority of European cities Brussels has nowhere where you can swim in the open air. At the end of the 1970s the last of the outdoor swimming pools disappeared, and took a whole swimming culture with them. POOL IS COOL believes that open air swimming is much more than just healthy exercise: it stimulates social interaction and contact with nature, and has a sustainable impact on the quality of life in the city. They are using temporary swimming pools to keep the idea afloat and put it on the political agenda. As they're installing a container swimming pool at Place Baron Horta, right next to the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels will finally have an outdoor swimming pool again this summer, right in the heart of the city!



Brussels skaters also have a new spot where they can show off their flips and grinds. BOZAR is building a ramp and the skaters/activity leaders of non-profit organisation SKATEBOARDERS - who also give free tutorials at Place des Ursulines from April to September - are heading down to BOZAR to teach you some of the tricks of the trade. The initiations are completely free, and skateboards and protective clothing are available.



The M.U.R. (Modulable, Urbain and Reactive) is a clever concept that temporarily transforms advertising spaces into an open air museum. The objective is to reclaim the public space in a world where every wall is either sold or let out, and to break down the wall between art and public. In the context of YO! Costik, the non-profit organisation behind The M.U.R., will embark upon a similar project in which they transform the wall surrounding the building site next to BOZAR into a graffiti gallery. Different artists get to work before your very eyes as they create a constantly evolving artwork.


☼☼ SYSTEM D ☼☼

Between 18 July and 30 August films are being projected from the windows of the BOZAR Brasserie in collaboration with Film festival System D. The eclectic, accessible film festival is for young, up-and-coming talent - the result is a range of films which give us a real, uncensored impression of how young people in Brussels see their own city.