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Cocktail, Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash
Brussels, Photo by ssalae

Anna Homler (us) + Will Saunders (ger), Otto (ger) & Velvet C (b)

16 septembre 2017



Les Ateliers Claus Rue Crickx 15, 1060 Saint-Gilles


LAC regular soFa has put together an exceptional double LP compilation for Débruit's ICI label. Expect 12 tracks of future-retro oddities floating in between wave, disco, kraut and more contemporary sounds. Available to buy for the first time at Les Ateliers Claus on september 16! Feat. Spongemagnet, Tolouse Low Trax, T-Woc, Débruit, Bufiman, Puma & The Dolphin, Claude de Tapol, Center of Universe, Fred und Luna & many more.. 


The Pharmacia Poetica presents: Weather 

A multi-media, improvised electro-acoustic performance by Anna Homler and Will Saunders, with video by Hans Diernberger. Anna Homler (LA) is widely known, in part due to last year’s Rving Intl. re-release of her seminal 1985 Breadwoman cassette made with the late composer Steve Moshier.   

Pharmacia Poetica is her project that followed bread woman. As an ongoing, site-specific project that explores the transformative power of sound and images, its main purpose is to demonstrate how the literal becomes the lyrica. 

The Pharmacia started out as a radio play, evolving into a collection of glass bottles in which the hidden beauty of commonplace objects, suspended in liquid, is revealed. The project has travelled throughout the US and Europe, often in collaboration with other visual artists and writers. 

‘Weather’ is an updated version of Pharmacia Poetica that takes the form of an improvised electro-acoustic performance. Homler plays using her collection of sound omitting toys and other objects, as well as singing in her own alternative language. Sound artist Will Saunders (Cologne) has adopted a number of Homler’s bottles and has visually captured their internal cosmos. He has also recorded an audio-archive of Homler’s collected objects. For the performance he has developed a beautifully crafted glass screen, used both as a projection surface and as a resonator through which to manipulate his recordings.     

Homler and Saunders create a world in which the musicality of everyday objects is brought into a fantastical play with the Pharmacia’s imagined inner workings. The weather of the bottles is visually conjured and musically inhabited. The duo improvise a storm in harmony - the kind that leaves a touch of magic in its path.

OTTO LIVE (Charlois – GER)


OTTO is a piece of german everyday reality. Picture an obsolete home organ and simple synthesizer crackling on worn tape. Rhythmically automated wahs hover over dusty March patterns that trigger a lighting console, while the candle still flickers. Twisted arpeggios buzz over your head, like a badly thrown lasso. Donít press that Cha Cha button, the bumper car might hit you. But thats the funky part anyway.


Velvet C aka Spongemagnet LIVE (Elsewhere, Thin Consolation – BE)

Velvet C is the new output of the 2 analogue fellows who used to call themselves Spongemagnet. Expert knobtwiddlers of retro gear in search of the ultimate cosmic clubbing experience. Eating cabbage all day long in order to higher their Kraut-level is what they do when they dont sit in sweaty studios to make love to their retro synths. Heavy tracks are in the making, we can’t wait for more!



Spacelex (Mond Musik, Eine Welt – GER)

Débruit (ICI, Soundway – FR/BE)

soFa  (elsewhere, ICI – BE)